Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room

Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok hosted an exclusive Mizubasho Sake Dinner on 25 April 2018. This event was definitely one of the most unforgettable epicurean dinners I have ever been to so far in 2018. The introduction of Mizubasho Sake by Mr Noriyoshi Nagai, President & CEO of Nagai Sake Inc. during the event was an awesome highlight that I literally enjoyed. The five ‘Thai-Japanese’ touch courses, creatively designed by Executive Chef Franck Detrait perfected the dining experience. It was a night to remember, a night when western cuisine and sake converged to bringing a heaven-like gourmet experience.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan
Embassy Room, Park Hyatt Bangkok
Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan
Mizubasho Sake Collection

Mizubasho Sake

Our philiosophy is to produce fine sake which expresses the beauty of nature, and to continue to show deep respect and gratitude for our beautiful land and its precious natural resources through modern technology and traditional sake brewing craftsmanship.” ~ Mr. Noriyoshi Nagai

We were totally impressed with the sparkling sake which was served as the welcome drink before the dinner started. I have never imagined that sake could taste so smooth, light and flavoursome by adding bubbles in it. The Mizubasho sparkling sake has been on the shelves of my liquor cabinet since my first crush on it at this dinner event.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan
Table set up for the Mizubasho Sake Dinner

Five ‘Thai-Japanese’ Touch courses by Executive Chef Franck Detrait

Our passion is to create unique food and beverage experiences. For that reason this menu has been dessigned around Japanese influence. Thai local and organic product with a French flair to pari the Mizubasho Sake collection.” ~ Executive Chef Franck Detrait

Each course paired perfectly well with each unique sake in term of taste. Chef Franck’s outstanding mastery of local produces has made each course in the dinner a pure enjoyment of genuine flavours of the ingredients.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner Menu

Wasabi panna cotta

‘Panna cotta’ – a dessert turned into a savoury starter by using wasabi to impressive the palate with delight!   

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan

Saku tuna, jasmine rice and passion fruit
Mizubasho Pure

Mizubasho Pure is an elegant sake with ginjoka aroma of rice and a crispy aftertaste. This sparkling sake is created by using traditional techniques of France’s Champagne region. It’s a wonderful aperitif for this fruity and appetizing dish.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan

Radish carpaccio, edamame and yuzu condiment
Mizubasho Junmai-Ginjo

This dish was a pure marriage of western culinary techniques and Japanese ingredients. It’s light and floral and matched well with the gently sweet flavour of Mizubasho Junmai-Ginjo.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan

Hokkaido scallop, eggplant and spring onion, red miso and coral
Mizubasho Junmai-Daiginjo

The red miso enhanced the savoury flavour of Hokkaido scallop, making it more flavoursome and enticing. Mizubasho Junmai-Daiginjo was a delightful pairing. Its pleasing fruity aroma and smooth, light texture was an unforgettable experience on the palate.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan

“Pot au Feu” Australian beef, soba noodles and Thai basil
Mizubasho Junmai-Daiginjo Vintage 2005

I especially like this vintage sake – fragrant, elegant, soft but persistent. It was a perfect choice for this Australian beef! It’s an East-meets-West dish that tasted wonderful in terms of the tenderness of the beef, overall complementary tastes of ingredients and an impressive use of oriental touch.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan

Cheesecake, chocolate sorbet
Mizubasho dessert sake

We love this dessert. Though the portion looked huge, it was light and refreshing enough to perfectly end the dinner. The dessert sake was an absolute delight to the palate. It’s full-bodied with a umami flavour that paired satisfactorily with the chocolate-flavoured dessert.

Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt ErawanMizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room Park Hyatt Erawan

Who in Gourmet Bangkok team experiences the Exclusive Mizubasho Sake Dinner at Embassy Room?

Chelsea Chan ~ A food lover, golfer, fun lover, and adventurer
Chelsea ChanChelsea was born in Hong Kong and is a genuine food lover. Her palate is especially sharp on Cantonese food, delicacies from Hong Kong and meat (especially beef, chicken and lamb). She is able to taste how the food is cooked and prepared. Besides, she is also a pro buffet gourmet because of her unlimited appetite. When she says ‘too sweet’, it may not be sweet for you as her preference for chocolate is 72++ dark chocolate.

Neng Srichaisak ~ A pro golfer, travel lover and photographer
 Neng was born in Bangkok and is an enthusiastic photographer. Ever since joining the Gourmet Bangkok Team, he has developed an intense interest in food and food photography. He is good at searching the best angle for a dish. He likes spicy food and is able to tell the exotic spices used in Asian cuisine. He also acts as the Thai-Cantonese interpreter for Chelsea when reviewing restaurants in Bangkok. As he is a pro golfer, he reviews all golf courses for Gourmet International Team.

Will Gourmet Bangkok recommend Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok?

Definitely! Even if this event is over, this restaurant is highly recommended!

Embassy Room is a perfect venue for a romantic dinner and fine dining! ~ Chelsea Chan

Where is Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok?

Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok
Address: 88 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Phone: +662 012 1234
Website: Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok

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