Mooncake 2017 – Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Mooncake is an indispensable delicacy for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally, mooncakes are enjoyed with a cup of hot tea while appreciating the full lunar moon with friends and family. Centara Grand at CentralWorld is among the first to break with tradition when launching their mooncakes this year. Their wine sommelier Alina Zbierajewska has impressively paired mooncakes with G.H. MUMM ChampagneOn 17 August 2017, I joined this exclusive mooncake & Champagne event. It was definitely a night to remember.

Mooncakes by Centara Grand at CentralWorld

There are six flavours of mooncakes offered by Centara Grand at CentralWorld this year, namely durian, lotus seed, red bean, chocolate, green tea, and coconut. What’s worth mentioning is the coconut flavour,  which is newly introduced by the Hotel. To highlight the original flavour and colour of coconut, a special plain dough is used to make the pastry white and tasted clean. Traditionally, mooncakes are never considered as a kind of healthy food. This coconut-flavoured mooncake will win the heart of health-conscious people.

Mooncake Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Mooncakes and Champagne by Sommelier Alina Zbierajewska

We started the mooncake tasting at the recommendation of Sommelier Alina. Overall speaking, the mooncakes by Centara Grand at CentralWorld are not too sweet. There was no oily mouthfeel. Because of this reason, the tastes and aromas of the selected Champagne and mooncakes complemented each other very well.

1. Lotus Seed Mooncake and Mumm No.1 Pink Champagne

We started first with the traditional flavour of mooncake – lotus seed. The fruity taste of Mumm No. 1 Pink Champagne complemented the overall taste of the lotus seed mooncake.

Mooncake Centara Grand at CentralWorld

2. Red Bean Mooncake and G.H. Mumm Blanc de Blancs Mumm de Cramant

I like red bean flavour very much! The aroma and taste of red bean were perfectly wrapped in the mooncake pastry.  The sweetness of this piece of mooncake came mainly from the red beans. The use of sugar was reduced to the minimal.  The choice of a mildly fragrant Champagne turned this little bite of mooncake a genuine delicacy.
Mooncake Centara Grand at CentralWorld

3. Green Tea & Durian Mooncakes and G.H. Mumm Blanc de Noirs Mumm de Verzenay

(a) This Champagne looked so much like the previous one, but the nose was more powerful with dried fruit and hints of coffee and vanilla. Green tea mooncake gave the Champagne an extra layer of mild green tea note. The smell was pleasing.

(b) When pairing the Champagne with durian mooncake, the effect was in reverse. The Champagne complemented the durian mooncake with its pungent aroma. The durian filling was creamy and full of durian aroma. This flavour is surely the most popular flavour among local Thai.

Mooncake Centara Grand at CentralWorld

4. Coconut Mooncake and Mumm No.1 Gold Champagne

This Champagne tasted drier but still quite fruity. When drinking it with the coconut mooncake, it enhanced the taste of the plain white pastry with a hint of fruitiness.

Mooncake Centara Grand at CentralWorld

5. Chocolate Mooncake and Orange-flavoured Cocktail

A chilled cocktail shaker was served to us. We shook it well before pouring the cocktail into the cocktail glass. This orange-flavoured cocktail was strong, but it went perfectly hand-in-hand with the chocolate mooncake. The chocolate filling tasted like dark chocolate, which I like so much!

Mooncake Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Mooncakes Sets by Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Although it is very well-known that the high price of mooncakes is solely due to its packaging, I like the idea of recycling the mooncake boxes designed by Centara Grand at CentralWorld. There are three designs of mooncake boxes. (1) a jewellery box with a mirror inside; (2) a gift set with 2 tea glass cups; and (3) a school bus box for kids. Depending on who you are giving out the mooncakes, you can choose which box to buy.

5 Mooncake Sets 

All mooncake sets are available for purchase at Zing Bakery since 1 September until 4 October 2017.

1.TREASURE BOX: contains 1 piece of mooncake / THB 99
2.LITTLE ONE (School bus box): 2 pieces of mooncakes (coconut and chocolate flavours) / THB 488
3.JADE (gift set with tea cups): 2 pieces of mooncakes (durian and green tea flavours) / THB 788
4.Gold: 4 pieces of mooncakes (durian, lotus seed, red bean, and green tea) / THB 788
5.RUBY: 8 pieces of mooncakes (2 durian, 2 lotus seed, 1 red bean, 1 chocolate, 1 green tea, and 1 coconut) / THB 1,388

Who in Gourmet Bangkok Team tried the mooncakes by Centara Grand at CentralWorld?

Chelsea Chan ~ A food lover, golfer, fun lover, and adventurer
Chelsea ChanChelsea was born in Hong Kong and is a genuine food lover. Her palate is especially sharp on Cantonese food, delicacies from Hong Kong and meat (especially beef, chicken and lamb). She is able to taste how the food is cooked and prepared. Besides, she is also a pro buffet gourmet because of her unlimited appetite. When she says ‘too sweet’, it may not be sweet for you as her preference for chocolate is 72++ dark chocolate.


Will Gourmet Bangkok recommend the mooncakes by Centara Grand at CentralWorld?

The mooncakes by Centara Grand at CentralWorld will definitely change your perception about mooncakes. Their mooncakes are not sweet. The sweetness mainly comes from the original flavour of the fillings. Artificial sugar is used to the minimal. If you are health-conscious, the mooncakes here is your ultimate choice.

 If you are health-conscious, the mooncakes by Centara Grand at CentralWorld is your ultimate choice ~ Chelsea


Where is Centara Grand at CentralWorld?

Centara Grand at CentralWorld
Address: 999/99 Rama I Road. Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Phone: +662 100 1234

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