Nadimos, Baan Silom Soi 19, Bangkok

Lebanon, a very far away country from Thailand, is a mystical country with images of beautiful sea, people and war. While some people may think travelling to Lebanon is quite dangerous, you can experience the taste of Lebanon here in Thailand. Nadimos, where authentic traditional Lebanese dishes is served,  is the perfect restaurant for you to experience genuine Lebanese food culture.  In 2010 and 2011 Nadimo’s was awarded the best Lebanese restaurant in Bangkok after winning the hearts of the Thai and expatriates  living in Bangkok , and gained a very good reputation among tourists from all nationalities and specially middle eastern. To me, the award was given to Nadimo with absolute justification because of the service and quality of food you can enjoy there. The good quality is assured by their Lebanese chef and original ingredients from Lebanon. Here, without the trouble to locate the nearest embassy and long-distance flight, you can enjoy a fully authentic Lebanese food with ease.

I visited one of their branches in Silom – Silom Village. The environment is relaxing and less busy compared to the centre of Silom area. The decor is very Lebanese, even the waiters are very foreign to me (because their Thai is not good at all).

The menu is loooooong. I guess I should visit 10 more times so that I can try every single dish.  Nearly all dishes are the most famous Lebanese dishes such as  Tabbouleh (chopped parsley and tomatoes with a fresh, zesty citrus overtones), baba ghanoush (a smokey grilled eggplant dip), Hummus (silky mashed chickpeas with sesame paste), Kebab ( tender skewers of charcoal grilled lamb with chopped parsley and onions),  riz bil hallib (a desert made of  rice and milk pudding with a rose syrup), and last but not least the ” Lebanese coffee” , a hot beverage that one must try at the end of the meal or simply any time of the day.

I had a very very very full dinner because I ordered a few dishes without asking the portion of each dish!

I love the chicken wing with the special sauce. It tasted oriental but at the same time foreign. The salad was superb. It was fresh and light. The grilled lamb was another surprise. Most importantly, it is not expensive at all! With such a romantic decor and relaxing environment, this branch is perfect for dating your lovers.

Nest time, I will try their another branch in Sukhumvit Soi 24, which I had passed a few days ago. The pretty decoration had made me fall in love with Nadimos!

Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant
Baan Silom soi 19 
Tel: 02-2669081
Fax: 02-2669082
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 23:30 pm

Sukhumvit soi 24
Tel: 02-2619816-7
Fax: 02-2619818
Free delivery between 11:30 and 3:00 pm 
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 23:30 pm