Palate Scene at Scalini, Hilton Sukhumvit

Ever since its opening, Scalini has been gaining fame in the gourmet world in Bangkok. Credits should be extended to their creative Executive Sous Chef, Mr Egidio Latorraca, and the Scalini team led by their Outlet Manager, Mr Roberto Visaggio, who always bring eventful gourmet scenes to the restaurant. Gourmet Bangkok had a precious chance to experience their fourth Palate Scene this year. This time, the Palate Scene featured the discovery of sophisticated Nicolis wine from Italy, which was finely paired with the unique menu designed by Chef Egidio.

The appreciation of this event was not only on the delectable menu but also on the wine chosen for this event. The Nicolis family began to make wine under its own label in 1953. Their award winning wine, Amarone Ambrosan, has won several times the Gambero Rosso’s highest Tre Bicchierri award, which greatly proves the success of this more-than-60-years-old winery from Italy.

The Palate Scene first brought us to savour Italian tapas with Nicolis wine at Mondo. Mondo, an all-day dining restaurant and lounge at Hilton Sukhumvit Hotel is elegantly decorated with an eye-catching open kitchen. Starting out our wine discovery experience with Nicolis Valpolicella Classic Superior 2010, a wine in a ruby red colour of medium intensity, was very pleasing. It was light and bodied with a perfume of plums and cherries. It was not bad at all to go with the tapas Mondo prepared for us.

After a short relaxing moment at Mondo, we ascended the spiral stairs to Scalini. By the time, we reached Scalini, we were delighted by their spirited and dynamic open kitchen where all our dishes were being prepared by Chef Egidio. The decoration of the dimly-lit Scalini reminded me of old New York in 1920s. The dining environment is a pleasing choice for romantic dinner.

At our table by the windows, we were first served with a bread basket with grilled garlic and two different dipping sauces for the bread. It would be even better if the bread basket could be served warm. Our wine dinner began.


(1) Pan fried rabbit roulade served along crispy sweetbread with parsnip foam, baby fennel, slow cooked baby onions and ziti pasta, paired with Nicolos “Seccal” Valpolicella classic superior Ripasso 2009

The pan fried rabbit roulade was cooked just right leaving it rather delectable. It tasted like chicken but was denser. The sweetbread with the crispy bacon crust was wonderful with its taste and creamy texture. What we like best of this dish is the ziti pasta, which was tied up in a knot, but still tasted al dente. The flavour of this dish was quite subtle. When pairing with the full-bodied Seccal Ripasso, which suggests ripe fruits and spices, the dish was spiced up to another level of flavour! Delicious!

(2) Handcrafted cocoa spaghetti served with Grand Mom’s venison ragout, home style borlotti bean soup and polenta Taranga chips, paired with “Testal” rosso IGT Veronese 2007

Any handcrafted pasta, when delicately made and cooked, is always tastier than dry pasta. Here at Scalini, Chef Egidio, perfectly proved our belief. The spaghetti itself was light with the colour of cocoa which made it very unique. In term of taste, the thin, light spaghetti was nicely flavoured by the venison ragout. When pairing with Testal Veronese, the aroma of ripe fruit and spices from the wine balanced rather well with the dish.

(3) In tabacco smoked lamb fillet on black beluga lentil stew, fresh green peas crème served with pan fried morel mushrooms and potatoes espuma, paired with Amarone classic 2006 and “Ambrosan” Amarone classic 2006


The wine for this dish is obviously stronger. Drinking the wine alone spiced my nose, but the acidity of the wine in fact went quite well with the lamb fillet, which was cooked just right without any gamey smell. If the lamb was served a bit hotter, the aroma of lamb would have blended even better with the wine. It was, in term of taste, a very desirable entrée.

(4) Surprise dessert and signature Scalini chocolate tiramisu, paired with Moscato sparkling wine Bottega

scalini SLN21r

We did not try the signature chocolate tiramisu, leaving it as an excuse to visit Scalini again. The surprise dessert was fantastic. After having three heavy dishes with meat and pasta, this delightful surprise dessert with fresh peach would perfectly prepared your sweet tooth ready for their tiramisu. A clever surprise indeed. What really pleased us is the Moscato sparkling wine, which was our most favourite sparkling wine, sweet and aromatic. It matched the surprise dessert, which was not very sweet, very well!

We really look forward to their next wine discovery journey with another creative menu designed by Chef Egidio, and of course with another warm and professional service by Roberto! When the next event comes, try the dining experience yourself, and we are sure you will become one of their returning customers.

We recommend Scalini to you all.

For more pictures of the Palate Scene at Scalini, please visit Palate Scene Scalini Gallery.

Scalini, Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok
Address: 11 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Klong Ton, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
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