Seven Spoons – the best restaurant in Old Bangkok

When people ask you where Jor Por Ror (JPR) is, what would you say? Many of you may immediately associate JPR with Rama 8 Bridge, Makkawan Bridge, Muay Thai Stadium Rajadamnern, or even the United Nations, etc. However, for us, we immediately think of Seven Spoons, a restaurant located near the corner of JPR and Chakkrapatipong Road. Believe me, once you have been to Seven Spoons, you will remember its uniqueness in that area. When you are asked again where JPR is, you will say it is near Seven Spoons.

Seven Spoons is not difficult to spot among those threadbare shophouses. It is the only modern building in the neighbourhood with window walls. Stepping into Seven Spoons is like entering a totally different dimension of time. By the time the glass door closes behind you, you will find yourself completely shut off from the noisy street and blazing sun. Seven Spoons in day time is like an oasis in a city desert. It is especially true when you are served with their bottle of iced water with slices of lemon inside. The aromatic iced water will refresh you right away from exhaustion and heat. When their fragrant warm bread basket with spiced butter is served to your table, you will instantly fall in love with Seven Spoons, a restaurant that you will never forget.


The décor of Seven Spoons is simple but relaxing. There is an open bar in front of the entrance, with most of the dining tables placed on the right. Such simplicity creates a very nice dining environment for our lunch.  Seven Spoons is a restaurant that serves modern cuisine with a Mediterranean twist in their dishes. On the day of our visit, we were amazed at their lunch menu. Though the menu is not very long, there were plenty of choices. We could choose from salads, sandwiches, main courses to even vegetarian dishes. The price of each dish was reasonably set. Sandwiches are priced at THB 180; salad costs THB 160, and main courses are priced from THB 160 to THB 200. The reasonable price is another strong pulling factor of Seven Spoons!
seven spoons

On the day of our visit, we tried to order as many dishes as possible. Let’s see what we ordered:

Spiced up aubergine parmigiana with chickpeas:
This is one of our favourite dishes there. Very healthy and delicious. The aubergine was cooked perfectly. It was soft and had absorbed the essence of the spoons

Roast cauliflower, hazelnut, chicken, olive oil, maple syrup, mustard dressing
This is very very nice! We love the way the chicken was cooked. It was still very tender!
seven spoons

House grilled cheese with aged cheddar, sliced apples, bacon and mayo:
We like the idea that the bacon was cut in cubes. It actually gives an extra flavour to the melted aged cheese.
seven spoons

Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes with avocado guacamole on rye bread
Simple sandwich with very tasty avocado guacamole!
seven spoons

Spinach, feta cheese pies (spanakopita)
Crispy thin crust with hearty stuffed spinach! A very delicious dish!
seven spoons

Beetroot potato latkes with dill soft cheese
This is another amazing dish!
seven spoons

Old school Reuben with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, thousand island
The bread is soft and tasty. Eating together with the melted Swiss cheese and the ham, you will never forget its taste! Very yummy!

Spanish Chorizo Breakfast Skillet (eggs, grilled tomatoes, potatoes and chorizo)
This is perfect for those who would like a light lunch!  

seven spoons

Peach, grilled aubergine and paneer cheese on mixed greens
This is the most yummy vegetarian dish we have ever had!

seven spoons

If you come to visit the old Bangkok, we would highly recommend you to drop by Seven Spoons for either lunch or dinner (Their dinner menu is also amazing and delicious!). With their great food, superb dining ambience and reasonable price, we are confident that Seven Spoons will be one of the most unforgettable dining experiences you will have in Bangkok!

As they don’t have a lot of tables, reservation is recommended. We highly recommend Seven Spoons to you all.

Seven Spoons
Address: 22 Chakkrapatipong Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10100
Phone: +662-629-9214 / +6684-539-1819
Opening Hours:
Open for lunch, Monday to Saturday, 11am to 3pm.
Open for dinner daily, except Monday, from 6pm to 1am. The kitchen closes at 11:30pm.

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