Spanish is Spanish at Islero in Bangkok

Named after a famous fighting bull that killed the celebrated bullfighter in 1947. Islero, under the lead of Head Chef Emiliano Alvarellos, is stewarded towards becoming a top-notch modern Spanish restaurant in Bangkok. While the authenticity of food served at Islero is of utmost priority, striking twists in terms of presentations and culinary techniques are also witnessed. As Head Chef Emiliano said, ‘Spanish is Spanish. No fusion [food] here at Islero‘. This simple but steadfast statement is translated into trust among foodies like me. Forget about flying to Spain, let Islero take care my impulse for Spanish food.
Islero Bangkok

Dining ambience of Islero

There are two different dining areas in Islero. One area features wooden high tables with a view of the dynamic open kitchen; whereas another area features proper dining seating with colourful paintings and yellowish dim light. The vibe is modern luxurious, yet rather relaxed. The former area is very suitable for enjoying wine and tapas with a group of friends, while the latter area is ideal for a sit-down meal.
Islero Bangkok
Islero Bangkok

Watch the dining ambience and our dining experience at Islero

How's the cuisine at Islero?

I have tried a 9-course dinner delicately crafted by Head Chef Emiliano. Each of the courses expressed the essence of Spanish cuisine – simplicity. It’s also an amazing experience to have tried various delicious harvests and produces from the land and sea of Spain.

(1) Amuse-bouche 1: Avocado soup
Islero Bangkok

(2) Amuse-bouche 2: Spanish mussel
Islero Bangkok

(3) Amuse-bouche 3: Carabinero shrimp
Islero Bangkok

(4) 1st course: Beetroot (Beetroot ravioli, strawberry, ‘Idiazabal’ cheese)
Islero Bangkok

(5) 2nd course: Shrimp Carpaccio (‘Carabinero’ shrimp, shallot marmalade, avocado, citrus vinaigrette)
Islero Bangkok

(6) 3d course: Grilled Pulpo (Grilled octopus tentacle, homemade pork stew, granja beans, lardo and mint oil)
Islero Bangkok

(7) 4th course: Grilled Scallops (Grilled scallops, jamon iberico, white radish, saffron sauce)
Islero Bangkok

(8) 5th course: Guisantes con jamon (Spheres of green peas, fresh snow peas, chorizo, blood pudding, ham consomme)
Islero BangkokIslero Bangkok

(9) 6th course: Lamb Two Ways (Grilled lamb rack and lamb ragout wrapped in spinach leaf, cauliflower puree, cous cous)
Islero Bangkok

(10) 7th course: Chocolate in Textures (Different textures of chocolate, refreshing touches)
Islero Bangkok

(11) 8th course: Petit Fours
Islero Bangkok

Which dishes I like most

(1) Grilled Pulpo (Grilled octopus tentacle, homemade pork stew, Granja beans, lardo and mint oil)
In Thailand, people may not like lard. For me, a Chinese, I like lard which has always been one of the most important ingredients in Chinese cuisine. Lard contains a special aroma that can enhance the taste and aroma of the dish as a whole and gives the dish a shiny touch. It’s quite surprising to know lard is also used in Spanish cuisine. I like the taste of mint oil with lard in this dish. The grilled octopus is the star. Even generous pieces of octopus were given, I could eat one whole piece effortlessly. Careful time and temperature control when grilling the octopus were obvious.
Islero Bangkok

(2) Grilled Scallops (Grilled scallops, Jamon Iberico, white radish, saffron sauce)
This dish is simple but unforgettably delicious. The use of Jamon Iberico, white radish and little saffron sauce intensified the fresh flavour of scallops. A perfect marriage between a precious harvest from the sea and a beautiful produce from the land. The white radish enhanced the sweetness of the dish in a natural way.
Islero Bangkok

(3) Lamb Two Ways (Grilled lamb rack and lamb ragout wrapped in spinach leaf, cauliflower puree, cous cous)
I like the lamb ragout which I believe many hours of effort in the kitchen have been devoted to it. It melted in my mouth without a slight of game. The idea of wrapping the lamb ragout in the spinach leaf was interesting. The spinach leaf was cooked just right to contrast with the soft melting texture of the lamb ragout.
Islero Bangkok

Where is Islero? 

Address: G/F, Athenee Towert, 63 Witthayu Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Phone: +662 168 8100
Opening hours: 17:00-24:00 hours

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