Sushi Tsukiji, Soi Thaniya, Silom, Bangkok

Sushi Tsukiji casts a unique contradiction on Soi Thaniya whose fame for erotic night life makes it very touristy after sunset every day. Beautiful ladies dressed in sexy costumes posing, smiling and mewing to attract their customers. Sushi Tsukiji is located in the middle of Soi Thaniaya facing Thaniya Plaza. It is solemnly guarded by a uniformly-dressed security guard. Once you pass through him and open the guarded door, the chaos of Soi Thaniya is totally left behind. A pretty lady in kimono greets you in flawless Japanese, the journey for authentic Japanese food culture begins. Sushi Tsukiji gives diners a truly Japanese-style dining ambience.

Sushi Tsukiji has been opened in Soi Thaniya for decades. It is frequented by lots of local Japanese expats, for Sushi Tsukiji reminds them of the culture of Japanese. Tsukiji is the taste of their home.

As an ordinary diner at Tsukiji, I may not truly understand the taste of Japanese food, and I should not be in the position to judge its authenticity. However, when you see most of their regulars are Japanese aged around 50 to 60, I am pretty sure you will not doubt at all the authenticity of the cuisine served at Tsukiji. Besides, once you have your first meal at Tuskiji, we are quite certain that you will not complain about their quality and the taste of food, you will return to Tsukiji again.

Sushi Tsukiji
Address: 62/19-20 Soi Thaniya, Silom Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: +662-233-9698
Opening hours: daily 11:30 – 14:00 hours and 17:30 – 23:00 hours

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