The best chicken rice in Bangkok – Hok Dee

Chicken rice is a Hainanese dish adapted by early Chinese immigrants originally from the Hainan province in southern China. Hainanese chicken rice is very common in Malaysia, Singapore as well as Thailand and Vietnam. To many people, chicken rice is a simple dish. In fact, it is rather difficult to make this simple dish impressively delicious. In Bangkok, it is not easy at all to find a dish of really delicious chicken rice. You may have experienced dry, tasteless thin slices of chicken with a clear chicken broth heavily loaded with MSG and a touchu sauce (yellow soybean paste with chilli, ginger and vinegar) that rarely carries the authentic taste of soy bean. Although chicken rice in Thailand is called “Khao Man Kai”, literally means “oiled rice with chicken”, the rice in many chicken rice stalls is not cooked with the oily chicken stock, which is produced during the process of boiling or steaming the chicken. Instead, a small amount of cooking oil is added when cooking the rice. The rice turns out to be oily without the aroma of chicken oil.

This time, Gourmet Bangkok would like to recommend you the best chicken rice, by far, we can find in Bangkok – Hok Dee Chicken Rice. Hok Dee is originally from Singapore, where you can find their three restaurants serving teochew (Chiu Chow, a province in China) cuisine. Here in Bangkok, the owner has opened Hok Dee Chicken Rice, aiming to serve the best chicken rice in town.

Why Hok Dee Chicken Rice is the best?
(1) Generous portion
(2) A big dish of flavourful and juicy chicken
(3) Authentic Chinese soup
(4) A big dish of vegetables
(5) Three kinds of sauces for the chicken rice

A set of Hok Dee chicken rice includes a generous plate of chicken, a dish of vegetables, and a bowl of authentic Chinese soup. The three sauces include the yellowish spicy soy bean chili sauce, a Chinese-styled ginger and onion with salt, and a sweet soy sauce. The soup is the traditional Chinese soup with corn, carrots and pork ribs. An impressive plate of fresh green vegetables with gravy sauce is also served. How much? THB 150 net.

A plate of tender, juicy chicken. Mouth-watering!!

Despite steamed chicken, you can also choose roasted chicken! It is also tender and flavourful!

Green vegetables is served with gravy sauce of garlic, Chinese mushrooms and soy bean sauce.

Despite chicken rice, you can also choose to have dry or soup noodles:

Healthy drinks are served in a big bottle to satisfy diners’ need:

Although Hok Dee is located a bit far from the city centre, it is worth your visit! Once you try once, you will get addicted to it.

We highly recommend Hok Dee Chicken Rice to you all.

Hok Dee Chicken Rice Restaurant
Address: 808 Pracha Uthit Road, Sam Saen Nok, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +662 274 2393
Facebook Page:

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