The Cheese Master Gérard Poulard, is back to Scarlett, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G!

France’s Cheese Master Gérard Poulard has returned to Scarlett of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G this year to surprise gastronomes in Bangkok with his over a hundred kinds of cheese. For those who are not familiar with the cheese industry, you may wonder who Gérard Poulard is. Why should we savour the cheese selection recommended by the Cheese Master Gérard Poulard.
France's Cheese Master Gérard Poulard

Cheese Master Gérard Poulard is a world-renowned maître fromagier from Paris who began his career as a cook at fourteen. He specialized in cheese while going all around France to personally meet the best of France’s boutique producers and now has more than a thousand different kinds of fine cheese. Gourmet dining restaurants around the globe look up to Poulard’s choices and opinions on cheese. In collaboration with his son Olivier, he has received an ever increasing list of prestigious awards for his knowledge regarding France’s most delectable exports, including The Order of Agricultural Merit, Le Cordon Bleu France, and the Prosper Montagné from Quality House. Now you may feel curious about the Cheese Master Gérard Poulard? What kinds of cheese has he brought to gastronomes in Bangkok at Scarlett during the period of 9-24 May 2016?

Watch our experience at Scarlett at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G:

On the day of our visit, we had interesting exchanges with the Cheese Master who introduced each precious type of cheese in details and tailor-made a wonderful platter of ten unique cheeses for our Asian palate and flavour.

France's Cheese Master Gérard PoulardCheese Master Gérard Poulard presented to our dining table the following cheeses from his unique collection. Among them the first five kinds (no.1-5) are goat cheese while the rest (no.6-10) are cow cheese.
France's Cheese Master Gérard Poulard

(1) Figou Fermier: It is made from goat milk and is produced in the Limousin region of France. It is a kind of soft cheese with a hint of sweetness from fig jam in the middle.

(2) Banon: It is a soft unpasteurized cheese made from a mixture of sheep’s and goat milk. It is aged for a minimum of two weeks. It has an intense flavor, and slightly acidic.

(3) Bouchon Sarment d’Amour: This unique cheese is a kind of rich, cream cheese and is produced in Ardèche. Sarment d’Amour has the shape of a wine cork, with a vine shoot in the middle. I think it is nice to be served as an aperitif and also fits to be served at the end of the meal as its taste is very mild.

(4) Saint Nicolas Dalmerie: Saint Nicolas Dalmerie is a soft, goat cheese from the Hérault department of Languedoc-Roussillon. It has a bloomy white rind, a dry texture and hints of spices.

(5) Trefle Fermier Lerat: This cheese is made from raw goat milk. It is normally aged for a minimum of 10 days to mature. I like the texture of this creamy, soft cheese!

(6) Camembert Jort: It is a kind of light yellowish goat cheese made by 100% raw milk. This cheese is gently salted with white felted surface mold. I like this cheese a lot, which is powerful with enchanting fragrance .

(7) Coeur de Neufchatel: This heart-shaped cheese It is made by cow milk and comes from Neufchatel in the “Pays de Bray” which is situated in northern Normandie. The taste is marked but delicate. Its texture and taste is quite similar to Camembert, so it is nice to pair with strong red wine.

(8) Pont L’Eveque: It is made from cow’s milk and produced in the commne of Pont-l’Éveque. It has a creamy pale yellow pâte with a smooth and fine texture. It also has a pungent aroma. I love this cheese!

(9) Brie Aux Truffes: This creamy cheese is made from unpasteurized cow milk. It has a sandwich filling of crème fraîche, mascarpone, and chopped black truffles. The truffles bring out the earthy, mushroom-like qualities of the brie, while the brie rounds the flavour of the truffle into a massively aromatic depth.

(10) Fourme D’Ambert: This cheese is made from pasteurized cow milk in Auvergne and is a kind of rare, expensive Fourme. It is a kind of mild blue cheese that can be easily accept by Asian’s appetite. It is, in fact, my most favourite kind of cheese on this platter.

Overall speaking, the choice of cheese was brilliant as none of the cheeses had strong smell that would repel our appetite away. Each kind of cheese could be paired with different kinds of wine to enhance the flavour.

If you would like to experience what we had enjoyed. You should not miss this precious chance to meet Cheese Master Gérard Poulard. I am sure he will be able to serve a unique platter of cheese that will suit and delight your palate!

We highly recommend this cheese event at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant to you all.

Price for cheese platter:

1 cheese: 180++ Baht
3 cheese: 450++ Baht
5 cheese: 750++ baht
8 cheese: 1,200++ Baht

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