The District Grill Room & Bar: A Steakhouse You Should Not Miss

You can count on one hand the best up-scale steakhouses with professional service in Bangkok. Narrow the list to the one where you can enjoy quality food at a reasonable price, you are probably down to one finger and one name – The District Grill Room & Bar. Since its opening in 2013, The District has been attracting more and more attention in the gourmet scene in Bangkok. There are four main factors that have contributed to its rising popularity, and these factors, which are also interlinked at the same time, have been successfully translated into noticeable high satisfaction of their diners.

When stepping into The District, its grandeur decor may put you under the impression that The District is another steakhouse that charges exorbitant price on their food. If you think so, we would highly recommend you to walk boldly into the restaurant and try the most expensive steak on their menu. We are sure you will be struck with awe. The District, despite its very desirable dining decor and ambience, actually charges reasonably on the food and drinks they serve. A 600-gram grilled rib eye from USA costs you THB 3,500; an Australian 180-gram tenderloin of Stockyard Black Angus costs only THB 1,390; a pork chop is only THB 690; and a seafood platter for two with lobsters, salmon, prawns, scallops, mussels, and hand-cut chips costs THB 2,900. To us, The District is a wise choice to take when we would like to dine at a steakhouse.

The dining ambience is where the charm of The District comes from. Its classy decor and the open live kitchen create a modern but sumptuous dining environment, which is very suitable for a romantic night! On Friday nights, there is a live band performing cheerful and easy-to-listen jazz music for the diners. A perfect night to spend with friends with laughter and enjoyment.

Among all reasons, quality of food is a prominent reason contributing to the popularity of The District in Bangkok. We visited The District once when it was newly opened in 2013. We were impressed by the tastiness and quality of food they served. Returning to The District for dinner recently this time further confirmed our recognition in its quality of food. Their signature Caesar Salad tasted exactly the same when we first tried it in 2013. The crispiness and freshness of the cabbages were brought out by the homemade creamy Caesar salad sauce. The thin fried bacon added a satisfying layer of texture to the dish. The endeavour of keeping a high standard of taste is never easy to do. Sometimes mixing an extra drop of olive oil may already alter the taste. Here, The District, high standard of the taste of every dish is guaranteed.

On the night of our visit, we tried the Australian Wagyu Marble 7 Sirloin (240gram/ THB 2,200). We intentionally ordered it medium rare because it is the simplest way to know whether the chef is good at grilling steak. Here, I received a medium rare steak perfectly grilled by the chef! It was succulent, very easy to cut and full of a pleasing flavour of fresh good meat! Two words on this steak – heavenly delicious.

If you are not a meat lover, no worry. The seafood platter here may satisfy your appetite. The District is one of the very few steakhouses that offers seafood to diners. Despite food, drinks offered at The District are very impressive too. On the day of our visit, we had cocktail paired with the Caesar salad, it was amazingly refreshing!

The fourth pulling factor of The District is undoubtedly their professional service. All the servers are very service-minded and are able to take swift action to recommend dishes to you when you appear indecisive on your order. Our whole dining experience was further perfected by the professional service extended to us. While enjoying a good meal in an exceptionally modern and deluxe ambience, friendly and professional service is a value-added quality to the whole dining experience. We were especially impressed with their sommelier. He was so knowledgeable about wine and food that all the wine he recommended for our 3-course meal was a perfect match. His recommendation on the wine to go with our dessert was also very nice.

From The District, we witness an unbeatable formula for the success of any restaurant – great dining ambience + reasonable price +delicious quality food + friendly and professional service = high satisfaction of diners and popularity.

We highly recommend The District Grill Room & Bar to you all.

To view more photos of The District, please visit The District Gallery.

The District Grill Room & Bar
Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel
Address: 2 Soi Sukhumvit 57, Bangkok Thailand 10110
Phone: 02-797-0130

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