Water Library Central Embassy – bringing French brasserie to Bangkok

We believe most, if not all, Water Library fans must have been to the Water Library Brasserie at Central Embassy. If you have visited Water Library Central Embassy like us, you may come to the same conclusion like ours that Water Library Brasserie offers fairly exceptional dining experience at good value for money. Currently located in the most upscale shopping mall in Bangkok, the decoration of Water Library Central Embassy is elegant and unique with French brasserie concept of the 1920′ golden era in Paris. Its unique interior design suggests the structure of the Eiffel Tower in France. Such decoration successfully creates a chic, sophisticated dining ambience for diners.

On the day of my visit, I ordered three dishes. After the attentive server took my order, an aromatic bread basket was served to my table. With the seasoned butter, the fluffy bread tasted very nice.

Bouchot mussels: The mussels were fresh. Eating them together with the white sauce was yummy. However, maybe the temperature of the restaurant is rather low, the mussels became cold quite quickly and lost a bit of appetizing flavour.

Salade Lyonnaise with Poached Egg: I especially like the idea of putting the salad sauce aside so that diners can really taste the original flavours of the ingredients. The poached egg was delicious, it was as pleasing to the eye as it was to the tongue. The white enveloped the yolk in a beautiful way.

I ordered a lamb rack as  my main course. The plating was appealing. The lamb rack was nicely grilled to medium. It was really mouthwatering. The sausage was also very yummy with distinctive texture and  taste! It was, overall, a palatable course!

The service here was awesome. Servers were very attentive and enthusiastic in recommending dishes to me, especially when I was indecisive at what to order. The price for the meal is reasonable in term of the service I received, the quality of my dishes and the culinary skills of the Chef.

If you are shopping in Chidlom area, we recommend you to spend your afternoon here at Central Embassy. We are sure you will love it.

Water Library Brasserie
Address: Level 5, Central Embassy, Bangkok
Tel: : 0-2160-5893
Email: embassy@waterlibrary.com
Website: http://www.waterlibrary.com/central-embassy/en/

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