9-course set dinner at Whale’s Belly Restaurant & Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 39

Sukhumvit Soi 39 is one of the most competitive areas for restaurateurs in Bangkok. To victoriously survive in this 1.5-km long street, restaurateurs have to devote extra efforts to ensure the best quality of food, the most mouth-watering menu, the most courteous service and the most impressive decor in their restaurants. That’s why there are many amazing hidden gems for foodies and epicureans in this soi. Whale’s Belly is one of the hidden gems we visited for their newly created 9-course set dinner.

Whale’s Belly is located on the 2nd floor of Boulevard Tower inside this sophisticated soi 39. By the time you turn into Boulevard Tower, you will be able to see the logo of Whale’s Belly on the second floor of the tower facing soi 39.

On our day of visit, it was a rainy day. Following the direction signs, we took an elevator to the second floor. After getting out of the elevator, we turned into the dimly-lit reception area of Whale’s Belly, where we were greeted by their friendly staff. By the time our feet stepped into the spacious dining area, we were absolutely impressed by the décor. The curvy white ceiling, which imitates the ribcage of a whale, absolutely resonates its name. With navy blue as the theme colour, you will feel like dining in a sea palace under the ocean. We were ready to sink into our adventurous dining experience on their 9-course set dinner.

Sitting at the table at the end of the restaurant gave us an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful décor. Lighting was tuned just right. Light background music was on to further enhance a sense of sumptuous dining experience. Being indulged in such dining environment, we were ready to eat.

A welcome drink and freshly baked bread with French soft butter and chicken liver pate were served to us. The reddish welcome drink was cool and sweet, which undoubtedly refreshed us from the soaking rainy day. The croissants, which were hot and aromatic, matched well with the liver pate that in turn added extra flavour to the buttery croissants.

By the time we finished the tasty croissants, our first course was served.

(1) Chef’s Amuse-Bouche: This appetizer features three distinctive bonnes bouches in taste, texture and presentation.

(2) Hookaido Scallop & Fresh Gazpacho: The dish presentation was alluring with distinguished colours of red, green and white. The pomodoro sauce successfully brought our gaze at the huge scallop, which was slightly pan-seared on the surface leaving inside firm and juicy.

(3) Volcano Bluefin Tuna: A scoop of the cubes of tuna, pieces of avocado and the orange-lime miso sauce together gave excitement to your taste buds.

(4) 62°c Onsen Egg: At the first gaze, it was rather difficult to tell what it was. The beauty of onsen egg was totally covered by shiitake and bacon. However, the egg was cooked just right to give it a runny quality. An enhancement of its taste from the fragrance of bacon and shiitake makes this dish unforgettable.

(5) Mc’n Cheese Duo of Ravioli: It was an interesting dish with duo tastes of ravioli in one bite. One was stuffed with chicken while another was stuffed with fresh cheese.

(6) Refresher: This refresher was served to prepare for the entrée. The crispy kiwi granite and froth refreshed our taste buds. It was a clever attempt to allow full enjoyment of the coming dish.

(7) Slow-braised Wagyu Beef Cheek: My very first bite of this Wagyu beef immediately told me how long it took to braise it. It was very tender and juicy, with the braising sauce fully infused into the whole beef. I believe it took the chef at least whole day to braise at the right temperature to achieve such quality. Culinary skills of East and West were exemplified.

(8) Miel Pommes Confit: Our dessert ended our dinner perfectly. A piece of fried granny smith was put on top of the Madagascar ice-cream. With the rosemary crumble and raspberry, it satisfied my sweet tooth.

(9) Mocha: This mocha was graciously served in a wine glass. Melting marshmallow was put on top of this drink.

If you are not a beef eater, you can choose to have lobster (pay an extra of THB1,000) or a lamb loin (pay an extra of THB 600). Wine pairing option is also available for diners at an extra of THB 1,200.

Our overall dining experience was pleasant. We were impressed by their friendly staff who always served with a smile and tried their best to serve us with professionalism. We recommend Whale’s Belly Restaurant and Bar to you all.

For more pictures of Whale’s Belly, please visit Whale’s Belly Gallery.

Whale’s Belly Restaurant & Bar
Address: 39 Boulevard Tower, 2/F, Sukhumvit Soi 39, Bangkok (BTS Prom Phong Station)
Tel: +662 160 0333 / +6687 441 9545
Opening Hours: Everyday dinner 17.30 – 23.00 hours
Website: https://www.facebook.com/WhalesBelly
Instagram: @whalesbelly

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